Chikako Miyamoto

AAA Staff

Chikako Miyamoto

Japanese Staff
Flight Instructor


Flight Instructor


Hello, future pilots!
My name is Chikako Miyamoto, I am from Japan and currently working at AAA Academy as a flight instructor.
As the first female flight instructor in a vibrant international environment of AAA Academy, I am excited to be a part of our dynamic and professional pilot team, as well as share my experience by guiding you through your pilot career adventure!
For those who are aiming to become professional pilots and consider taking flight training overseas, our dedicated team will be with you to assure your every success in aviation industry.
While English is a common language for pilots, it is very important to grasp principal concepts of flying the airplane during the first stage of your training. Therefore, I am here for you to assist in Japanese language while in flight and on the ground!
Hope you spread you wings with us! See You Soon!