First Officer Airline Pilot Program

Training Introduction

All Asia Aviation Academy brings forward the opportunity to be employed in one of the biggest airline companies in the Philippines through its First Officer Airline Pilot Program.

Get the chance to be shortlisted for career boosting employment in the airline after finishing your training with us, as we pave the way towards gaining the needed qualifications in this arrangement only available via All Asia Aviation Academy.

Start with PPL to CPL all the way to ME and FI through this unique training program.

Minimum Course Duration: 14 months

Entry Requirements

Applicants for this program must be at least 17 years old and pass the Class II CAAP Medical Examination to be conducted prior to the start of the training.

Present pilot license holders must have at least a CPL issued by the CAAP in order to possibly qualify. Inquire with our Marketing Representative in order to be guided on the requirements to be received from All Asia Aviation Academy in order to participate.
AAA Offers full support in license validation for current PPL and CPL holders.

Training Schedule

For zero timers, the program starts with the basic Private Pilot License (PPL) training course. This is closely followed by an Additional Rating (AR) on the C-172 aircraft, heading towards a Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

Upon receipt of the CPL, the trainee then progresses towards getting an Instrument Rating (IR). By the end of this program, the trainee will already have 200 actual flight hours and 32 MCX Level D simulator hours (total 232 hours).

Upon finishing, the trainee then undergoes the first (guaranteed!) initial Interview and Compass Test by the airline company. Upon passing favorably, the trainee is given the next training module which is acquisition of the Multi-Engine (ME) rating and Flight Instructor (FI) Course.

The trainee, now a certified Flight Instructor is given gainful employment by All Asia Aviation Academy in order to accumulate the needed 300 to 500 flying hours in order to fully qualify and gain entry into the airline company.

Please refer to the training timeline below for more details.

Training Fleet and Training Environment

All Asia Aviation Academy has the highest number of aircrafts dedicated for training in the Philippines with a 1:1 ratio for qualified flight instructors. It is in this capacity that the flight training programs can be completed within a short duration, without having to sacrifice quality and safety.

Our training airport located in Iba, Zamabales is also operated in an almost exclusive basis under All Asia Aviation Academy – thus, there is no heavy air traffic and there is advantageous access to other cross-country sites within northern Philippines.

Aviation English Language Proficiency Course (ELP)

You have to pass English Language Proficiency Exam to get your pilot license.

We have carefully developed original elp lessons and materials for our non-native english speakers to assist our students to confidently pass elp exam by caap.

We also provide our students with self-study room, available anytime.

This exclusive ELP English course is available only for AAA students.