Flight instructor7-Lucky Bryan Y. Cudia

Flight instructor : Lucky Bryan Y. Cudia

Hello! I'm Capt. Lucky Bryan Y. Cudia, currently employed as Flight Instructor at All Asia Aviation Academy, one of the best flying school here in the Philippines.
I have graduated Avionics Technician at PATTS but it doesn't fulfill my dreams! Since I was a kid I really dream of becoming a Pilot someday, in which I had a long journey to become one. That is why as a flight instructor I am very dedicated to help my students grasp each and every topic in which they need to learn. I'm giving my best in everything that I do for my students to learn with the help of this academy! We, in this academy, assure a quality education for you to become the best Pilot! We make sure that every Pilot from this academy is well trained and globally competitive!
Good luck and God bless!