Pilot Career Guidance Program

Pilot Career Guidance Program



Pilot Career Guidance Program (PCG) is a long-tern strategic solution for the South-East Asian Airlines to secure early pilot talent acquisition, have regular access to the value- add candidates, as well as decrease year-on year company HR expenses.

AAA Academy, as the leading flying school in the Philippines takes pioneering initiative to further promote Japanese company mindset to advance in setting the highest aviation safety standards, strict management practices and fact-proven quality pilot contribution to the aviation industry

KTC Group’s 40+ years of international experience and excellence in quality education offers extensive background support for AAA Academy to train professional, bright and trustworthy pilots. PCG Program targets to provide the best pilot candidates to the airlines for their regular employment, based on the airline preferred training requirements, continuous quality and safety improvement together with overall transparency during the pilot training process.


■AAA International Pilot talent bank with extensive background checks

■Airline tailored pilot training programs

■Japanese management, strict quality and safety control

■Regular pilot performance reports, operational transparency

■Satisfying Airline pilot requirement expectations


■ Different experience level candidates:

■ Ab-Initio Pilot Cadets(0h-225h)

■ Flight Instructors, Junior level(250h-750h)

■ Flight Instructors, Senior level(750h-3,000h+)

■ Access for the airlines to monitor pilot training process through each stage

■ Minimize risks in selecting the most suitable pilot candidates

■ Pilot’s 360 in-depth performance, CRM, attitude and proficiency checks

■ 100% Compliance with aviation regulations and SOPs, demonstrated professional achievements based on airline preferred training modules.

Training Fleet and Training Environment

All Asia Aviation Academy has the highest number of aircrafts dedicated for training in the Philippines with a 1:1 ratio for qualified flight instructors. It is in this capacity that the flight training programs can be completed within a short duration, without having to sacrifice quality and safety.

Our training airport located in Iba, Zamabales is also operated in an almost exclusive basis under All Asia Aviation Academy – thus, there is no heavy air traffic and there is advantageous access to other cross-country sites within northern Philippines.

Aviation English Language Proficiency Course (ELP)

You have to pass English Language Proficiency Exam to get your pilot license.

We have carefully developed original elp lessons and materials for our non-native english speakers to assist our students to confidently pass elp exam by caap.

We also provide our students with self-study room, available anytime.

This exclusive ELP English course is available only for AAA students.