Online Course

Private Pilot License  Online Course



The PPL Ground Course ONLine allows students to take up the same PPL Ground Course offered in a classroom setting, at the comfort of your own home.

All subjects taken shall be credited so that you may go straight towards flight training after finishing the course. Stay productive and learn something new – even when you are home quarantine.



  1. Pre Flight Facts/4hour

  2. Aerodynamics/6hour

  3. Powerplant/5hour

  4. Aircraft Instruments/5hour

  5. Air Law/6hour

  6. C-152/4hour

  7. Radio Telephony/5hour

  8. Human Performance/4hour

  9. Air Traffic Control/6hour

10. Aircraft Performance/7hour

11. Reporting Points/4hour

12. Weight and Balance/6hour

13. Radio Navigation/8hour

14. Meteorology/7hour

15. Weather Reports/6hour

16. Emergency Procedures/4hour

17. Final review/2hour

18. Final exam/3hour

Total  92hour

Half Ⅰ

1. Pre Flight Facts/4hour

2. Aerodynamics/6hour

3. Powerplant/5hour

4. Aircraft Instruments/5hour

5. Air Law/6hour

6. C-152/4hour

7. Radio Telephony/5hour

8. Human Performance/4hour

9. Air Traffic Control/6hour

Total 45hour

Half Ⅱ

(※Only who completed the half Ⅰ course)

1. Aircraft Performance/7hour

2. Reporting Points/4hour

3. Weight and Balance/6hour

4. Radio Navigation/8hour

5. Meteorology/7hour

6. Weather Reports/6hour

7. Emergency Procedures/4hour

8. Final review/2hour

9. Final exam/3hour

Total 47hour



STEP 1: Fill-Up Application Form

Kindly accomplish the Application Form available at the AAA website and submit it via email.


STEP 2: Confirm the Class Schedule

Advise which class schedule you would like to join in, so that a batch may be formed accordingly.


STEP 3: Wait for the Class Formation

Once a batch is formed to start the class,you shall receive a notification from our management with an invoice for the payment of the starting fees.

STEP 5: Receive the Class Schedule

A calendar schedule with the subjects to be taken per day and instructor assignment
shall be provided, alongside the official Zoom® invites in order to participate in the class.

STEP 4: Make the Remittance

Payments can be made via bank deposit and wire transfer. An official receipt shall be provided once the funds have been acknowledged by our school.



You may conveniently send your payments via International Deposit or Wire Transfer to our internationally accredited banks. Bank Transfer details shall be provided upon inquiry.



Full          : USD $400.00

Half Course Ⅰ・Ⅱ   : USD $250.00


Textbook ― Jeppesen

「 Private Pilot 」E-book :

This is the official textbook for the course





Course schedule : 

・August batch starts : August 24 (Deadline for application : August 20)
・September batch starts : September 21(Deadline for application : September 17)
・October batch starts : October 19 (Deadline for application : October 15)
・November batch starts : November 23 (Deadline for application : November 19)


Regular Class  : Monday~ Friday


Available Class schedule :




Review Class : Saturday



1.The PPL Ground School ONLine Program follows the same curriculum and provides the same certification and qualifications as taking the regular, physical class in AAA Academy.


2.Upon finishing the online courses, the student shall receive a Certificate to certify that the subjects have been taken with the corresponding grade achieved per subject from the performance tests and exams.


3.A Certificate of Completion shall be received upon finishing the two (2) remaining subjects by having the classes in AAA Academy. This certificate signifies the conclusion and successful qualification of finishing the PPL Ground Course.


4. Zoom® shall be the class platform. All class meeting invitations are to be kept confidential by the class participants.
5.Students who may be unable to attend a schedule, but may have the chance to attend the same subject on a different time schedule may do so free of charge.


6. Saturday Sessions shall be dedicated towards the review of the topics for the week and to assist students who may need additional time in order to understand further the topics discussed.


7.Charges for PPL E-book not yet included.


8.Upon start of the program, the student hereby also agrees that the program may no longer be cancelled and paid fees shall no longer be available for refund.


9.If you enroll with AAA within one (1) year after completing the Online PPL Ground Course, you won’t need to pay anything additional for the subjects that you have taken online.