Our Vision

Improving Lives in Asia with Aviation and Education

Through aviation and education initiatives, we are contributing to the improvement of living standards in various Asian countries. Many regions in Asia still lack basic infrastructure such as roads. In island nations like the Philippines and Indonesia, the improvement of people's lives relies heavily on the availability of small aircraft. To fulfill this mission, we currently provide pilot training and aim to operate airlines in the future. By addressing the shortage of pilots in Asia, we aim to contribute to the economic development of the region.

Tackling the Pilot Shortage in Asia-Pacific

It is estimated that by 2030, there will be a shortage of approximately 500,000 pilots worldwide, with around 200,000 pilots needed in the Asia-Pacific region alone. We aim to address the issue of pilot shortage facing the aviation industry by providing safe and high-quality training, nurturing pilots, and contributing to the economic development of Asia.

Empowering Aspiring Pilots to Realize Their Dreams

AAA Academy was established to provide opportunities for individuals aspiring to become pilots to realize their dreams. With the steady growth of low-cost carriers (LCCs), the economic development of regional cities, and the increasing number of air travelers, the demand for pilots is rapidly rising. In this context, AAA Academy aims to not only help students obtain pilot licenses but also to provide rigorous training in Japanese discipline, offering opportunities to succeed in Asia and contributing to society.

School Director Greeting

In 2008, Mr. Toru Maeda foresaw that there was going to be great demand for pilots in the field of aviation. The impending shortage of flight crews coupled with his passion for flying, prompted Mr. Maeda to establish All Asia Aviation Academy with the purpose of providing the highest degree of instruction and training geared towards the production of dedicated and professional pilots. All Asia Aviation Academy has remained true to that objective and has since then graduated highly motivated and competent pilots who are now working with different airlines in the country and abroad.

Principal: Capt. Ramos

Career Summary of Capt. Ramos

Born on 19 March 1946
Flight Experience: More than 35,000 hours
Years in Aviation Field: 46 years


Professional Experience:

2016-Present: Accountable Manager, Simulator Instructor at AAA
2014-2016: OIC, TOCID at CAAP
2011-2014: Pilot Inspector, Check Airman, LCD at CAAP
2007-2011: Transafric INT’L. LTD.
2006-2007: Safair INT’L.
1986-2006: Transafric INT’L. LTD.
1971-1986: Phil Air Force



1971: Graduated from the Philippines Military Academy, Class of 1971