PPL training


The first step to becoming a pilot, is to acquire the Private Pilot License (PPL).

The PPL is the first official and internationally recognized License for everyone, whether you are becoming the airline pilot of tomorrow – or if you just want to enjoy flying on your own.


Minimum Course Duration : 4 months


・Minimum age: 17 years old

・High School Graduate

・English Proficiency

※If you are concerned about your English ability, you can also consult and take Online Aviation English Course. Please feel free to contact us.


Aviation English Language Proficiency Course (AELP)


You have to pass English Language Proficiency Exam to get your pilot license.

We have carefully developed original elp lessons and materials for our non-native english speakers to assist our students to confidently pass elp exam by caap.

We also provide our students with self-study room, available anytime.This exclusive AELP course is available only for AAA students.