24/7 Security

Our complete security management system protects our students 24-hours a day.

AAA looks after our students 24-hours a day while they are taking training with us. We apply 24-hours security management system to have our students focus on training and to have their parents to be assured.

Airport, Training facility and Dormitory

Security team monitors AAA premises 24-hours a day for 365-days a year.


At AAA, the dormitory and training facility are located in the airport itself. There is only one gate to access the airport. The security guards are stationed at the gate 24-hours a day for 365-days a year. Anyone who enters our site need to sign the logbook, and the security guards keep the record at the same time to prevent any suspicious person. The logbook needs to be filled in not only by dealers but also by students themselves.

Dormitory in Manila

We adopt secure system of fingerprint authentication.


At the dormitory In Manila, fingerprint authentication is adopted, and those who are registered can only unlock to enter. You can simply touch the device with a finger to unlock. This is a very popular security system in Japan, and Japanese management is reflected in security aspect.