Online Ground School

Course Overview

As part of the requirements for the PPL course, 16 subjects can be learned ONLINE. After successfully passing all the exams in the online class, a certificate will be issued as proof of completion.

※The two remaining subjects are required to be taken in a physical class setting at AAA.

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Detailed Course Description

Aerodynamics and Weather Reports, Radio Telephony, Air Traffic Control & Spaces and more.

Curriculum Details
1. Pre Flight Facts/4hour
2. Aerodynamics/6hour
3. Powerplant/5hour
4. Aircraft Instruments/5hour
5. Air Law/6hour
6. C-152/4hour
7.Radio Telephony/5hour
8. Human Performance/4hour
9. Air Traffic Control/6hour
10. Aircraft Performance/7hour
11. Reporting Points/4hour
12. Weight and Balance/6hour
13. Radio Navigation/8hour
14. Meteorology/7hour
15. Weather Reports/6hour
16. Emergency Procedures/4hour
17. Final review/2hour
18. Final exam/3hour

Official Textbook for this Course: JEPPESEN's 'Private Pilot' E-bookOfficial Textbook for this Course:
JEPPESEN’s ‘Private Pilot’ E-book
Half Course I covers chapters 1 to 9, totaling 45 hours.
Half Course II covers chapters 10 to 18, totaling 47 hours.
* The course textbooks can also be purchased separately by students themselves.

Course Duration and Schedule

For 92+00 hours(approximately 2months)

Monday to Friday
Morning Class: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM (UTC+8)
Evening Class: 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM (UTC+8)
Saturday Class
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM (UTC+8)
Note: The Saturday class serves all enrolled students as a tutorial or catch-up session.

Requirements and Fees

・Minimum age: 17 years old

・High School Graduate

・English Proficiency


Full Course: 400 USD

– Half Course (First Half): 250 USD

– Half Course (Second Half): 250 USD

E-book Textbook: 100 USD

* The course fees do not include the cost of textbooks.


1.The PPL Ground School OnLine Program follows the same curriculum and provides the same certification and qualifications as taking the regular, physical class in AAA Academy.


2.Upon finishing the online courses, the student shall receive a Certificate to certify that the subjects have been taken with the corresponding grade achieved per subject from the performance tests and exams.


3.A Certificate of Completion shall be received upon finishing the two (2) remaining subjects by having the classes in AAA Academy. This certificate signifies the conclusion and successful qualification of finishing the PPL Ground Course.


4. Zoom® shall be the class platform. All class meeting invitations are to be kept confidential by the class participants.
5.Students who may be unable to attend a schedule, but may have the chance to attend the same subject on a different time schedule may do so free of charge.


6. Saturday Sessions shall be dedicated towards the review of the topics for the week and to assist students who may need additional time in order to understand further the topics discussed.


7.Charges for PPL E-book not yet included.


8.Upon start of the program, the student hereby also agrees that the program may no longer be cancelled and paid fees shall no longer be available for refund.


9.If you enroll with AAA within one (1) year after completing the Online PPL Ground Course, you won’t need to pay anything additional for the subjects that you have taken online.

If you are concerned about your English ability, you can also consult and take online Aviation English course. Please feel free to contact us.