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Any prospective pilot must pass the ELP (English Language Proficiency) examination at C.A.A.P. (Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines). This is a requirement to obtain any of the pilot licenses. This online Aviation English lesson is designed to help students to pass the ELP Exam. All Asia Aviation Language Academy is the only school in the Philippines that is directly affiliated with a pilot school and has helped more than 500 students pass the ELP Exam.

We offer English lessons that range from Basic and General English to Aviation English and it may be customized to cater to the student’s needs.

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FREE Online Aviation English Trial : Level Check Test & Result Counseling

The FREE TRIAL of the Aviation English Language Training Program now comes in a one (1) hour format, and will also include a Level Check test to know your present English level and a Counseling Session that explores the areas for improvement based on your Level Check result.


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Regular Course Offerings:

1. 50 Aviation English Lessons*
– 50 minutes/lesson (reservation required)

 Total: 50 sessions  –  $750.00 

2. 100 Aviation English Lessons*
– 50 Minutes/lesson (reservation required)

 Total: 100 sessions  –  $1400.00 

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