Reliable Japan Management

Reliable Japanese-style Management

Security management with Japanese standard

AAA is not just a flying school providing pilot training. Pilots carry passengers and fully responsible for their lives. The decisions of pilots can lead to a matter of life and death. This is why being a pilot is challenging. Therefore, it is important to have a keen sense of morals to make a right decision under any circumstances as well as to be skillful as a pilot. At AAA, we educate our students through the trainings and the well-regulated life at the dormitory to have the excellent sense of humanity. We aim to produce the splendid pilots who can put themselves in someone else’s place.


Japanese Dignity: Discipline

AAA maintain the adequate facility and equipment for safety reason and to aim at short duration of training. Not only do we provide the good environment to our students, but also we provide various support to their parents. We deliver the regular report about the training progress and licensing status of their children. We also send an e-mail once a month directly to the parents and report about their children’s life at academy which is not shown on the regular report.


Japanese management specialty of various care – report to parents-

It is necessary to have parents’ support for students to get pilot licenses. AAA aims to provide the services that both students and parents are satisfied with as well as provide the proper pilot training.