Reliable Japanese-style Management

Japanese-Style Management Standard

At AAA, we prioritize not only the security of our dormitories and school but also the safety of our training facilities, including aircraft and flight simulators. We rigorously protect personal information through our private information management system. The AAA management team, comprised entirely of Japanese staff, oversees our security system according to Japanese standards. We collaborate with all staff, including instructors and mechanics, who are Filipinos. Our security team is on duty 24/7 at both the airport and the dormitory. The entrance and exit at the Manila dormitory are controlled with Fingerprint Authentication. This is one of AAA’s characteristics that ensures the absolute safety of our students wherever they are.


Japanese Dignity: Discipline

AAA goes beyond being just a flight school; we are a training ground for pilots who bear the responsibility of passengers’ lives. A pilot’s decisions can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why being a pilot is such a formidable challenge. It’s crucial for a pilot to have a sharp moral compass to make the right decisions under pressure and to be skilled in piloting. At AAA, we educate our students through training and regular dormitory life to instill excellent humanity. Our aim is to produce outstanding pilots who can empathize with others.


Japanese Management Specialty in Various Cares - Reporting to Parents

AAA boasts adequate facilities and equipment for safety, aiming for a short training duration. We not only provide a conducive environment for our students but also offer various support services for their parents. We regularly report on the progress of their learning and licensing status.
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