Airline Assessment Qualification Training

Pilot Training with Airline Assessment Opportunity※

At ALL ASIA AVIATION ACADEMY, we don’t just offer you pilot training – we offer OPPORTUNITIES.
The AAQ is the only training package that offers ab initio training until ATPL Ground Course, with additional components under one comprehensive training package. The goal is to prepare and qualify trainees to undergo nomination and if selected – shall take part in the guaranteed assessment by one of the largest airline companies in the Philippines to date.
Successful candidates get to join the airline under its Airbus Program as trainees with a fixed-term contract and compensation.With AAA Academy and the AAQ Package – getting a chance to join the airline just become closer.
Admission is LIMITED. Inquire today to learn more!

AAQ Training Package Summary

Total Flight Hours: 236 hours
Total FSTD Hours: 49hours
Total Training Experience : 285 hours
Ground Schooling Modules: PPL, CPL, IR, MER, EQC & ATPL
Estimated Training Duration : 14 months
※Assessment Opportunity becomes available for nominees who successfully become candidates for airline assessment after passing the AAQ Academic and Performance Guidelines by AAA Academy.

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