Short Duration

How is this possible?

The Number of our fleet: 12 fleets,and We offer our full support to our students;
from obtaining a Visa and Special Study Permit (SSP) to airport pick up,
travel between Manila and Iba facilities, making the necessary arrangements
with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines right through to graduation.

Largest Facility in the Philippines

350 international enrollments from 20 countries:
Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, US, India,
Nepal, Japan, Korea, Australia, Oman, Mongolia, Pakistan,
Lithuania, Bangladesh, Syria , Ghana, Nigeria Sri Lanka.

Relationship of mutual trust with Civil Aviation Authorities and partners

AAA and JATC cooperate and provide Airline Ab-initio Program.
- Complete basic training with AAA
- Comprehensive Airbus or Boeing Type Rating program at JATC
- Placement opportunities for employment into JATC’s airline partners

+Short duration

+Largest Facility in the Philippines

+Relationship of mutual trust with
    Civil Aviation Authorities and partners


All Asia Aviation Academy is one of the largest pilot schools located in the Philippines, specializing in professional pilot training.completely operated by the high-quality Japanese management.

Average in the Philippines

AAA Academy

One of the highest number of the fleet in the Philippines: 12 training fleet, 1.5 times higher than the average in the Philippines.



Private Pilot License


The Private Pilot License is the first official and internationally recognized License for everyone, whether you are training for a hobby or a career.


Minimum Course Duration:4 months


Commercial Pilot License


Commercial Pilot License allows you to fly as a commercial pilot for living.You need to have minimum 160 flight hours to apply for CPL in the Philippines.


Minimum Course Duration:4 months.


Instrument Rating


Instrument Rating allows you to fly in poor weather conditions and further improve your navigation skills,which is also highly recommended for the future employment.


Minimum Course Duration:3 months


Flight Instructor Rating


Flight Instructor Rating certifies you to work as a flight instructor. Becoming FI is one of the common paths to develop flight hours and experience which is the most important for pilot career.


Minimum Course Duration:2 months.


Multi Engine Rating


MER gives you an opportunity to fly an airplane with more than one engine.Most of commercial airplanes are multi-engine,it’s a definite step forward in your pilot career.


Minimum Course Duration:2 months.


First Officer Airline Pilot License Program


This training course is designed for future airline pilot.Get the chance to be shortlisted for career boosting employment in the airline.


Minimum Course Duration:14 months.




AAA Academy provide a long-term strategic solution for the South-East Asian Airlines to secure early pilot talent acquisition.Our Training course include PPL Training,CPL Training,ATPL Training.As well as,Night Flight Training,Instrument Rating,Multi-Engine Rating,Flight Instructor Rating.


AAA is also corporated with some world–class simulator training centers,which provides Airbus or Boeing Type Rating,Multi-Crew Cooperation Course,Jet Orientation Training,Crew Resource Management,ATR72-600 Type Rating,A320 Type Rating.

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The highest number of the fleet in the Philippines: 1.5 times higher than the average in the Philippines.AAA academy operates 12 training fleet which will ensure you enough flight training hours.including:7 Cessna-152,3 Cessna-172,1 Tecnam P2006T,1 Piper seneca,1 Redbird MCX Flight Simulator.

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Our Students are from 20 countries.Such as Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, India, Nepal, Japan, Korea, Australia, Oman, Mongolia, Pakistan, Lithuania, Bangladesh, Syria,Russia and so on.

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Our graduates have been employed by major airline companies.Such as Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Citilink, AirAsia, AirAsia Zest and some others world-class airline companies.

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