Our Features

At AAA Academy, a short training duration is possible due to efficient management of the flight training schedule.

A very important point in choosing a flight school – is to see the efficiency of training services with student services, in order to complete the training course within a fixed period of time.
AAA academy has Cessna 152 – 7 aircrafts, Cessna 172 – 3  aircrafts, TECNAM P2006 T – 1 aircraft, PA34200 – 1 aircraft.AAA Academy is one of the few schools that not only has an Approved Training Organization Certificate (ATOC) but is also operating an Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO), which solely provides the maintenance requirements of AAA.

Focused Environment for Efficient Training

The in-campus dormitories owned and operated by AAA Academy assist in providing an aviation-focused environment for students, free from distractions and keeping all students focused on their goal in becoming future pilots.We have created an aviation-focused environment in Iba Airport so that all our students and trainees always focused on their training, by having all our facilities, from the student dormitory to our classroom and flight facilities all under one area, which is Iba Airport Campus.
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Full Support from Admission to Graduation

There are many required documents and procedures on the process of becoming a pilot. When a student joins from overseas, immigration procedure or admission flow in more complicated than you think. Generally you need to deal with them by yourself. AAA operate the support system and take care of all the complicated documentation that could interrupt our students. We support not only visa and documentation but also pick-up upon arrival, transportation to the base airport, transportation to the test center in CAAP.