Our Features

Short Duration; how is this possible?

The highest number of the fleet in the Philippines: 12 training fleet, 1.5 times higher than the average in the Philippines

When you choose a pilot school, one of the important factors is how you gain your flight hours effectively in shorter period. The skill as a pilot is proportional to his flight hours and how constantly he flies in the initial stage. The more flight hours you effectively gain, the more easily you can gain a pilot license. However, at most of flying schools, they have some aircrafts on the ground for maintenance, and the ratio of its number of fleet and students is not balanced which force its students to wait for the aircraft to be available. Due to these factors, the duration till completion of the training tends to be much longer. As a matter of fact, we have several students who transfer to us from other schools every year. Our fleet consists of 7 C-152, 3 C-172, 1 Tecnam P2006T and 1 Piper seneca, which is one of the highest number of fleet in the Philippines. This is 1.5 times higher than the average in the Philippines. *Computed from the pilot schools listed on CAAP website. Besides, we make a detailed flight training plan and control schedule of our students. We also organize maintenance system and try to secure the flight hours from every possible aspect. We support pilot licensing of our students to be quick and effective with the number of fleet, the maintenance system and management of our flight training plan.

Ideal environment for pilot training

AAA is a boarding flying school. This is why our students are able to simply focus on training to get their license as quickly as possible. Some flying schools are located near downtown. There is a case that students need to commute the school every time they have schedule. You have several options. Each has its advantage. Since AAA aims at short duration of pilot licensing, we provide the environment where our students devote their time for the training except when they sleep. Our flight training facility, ground training facility, and canteen are all located right in front of the dormitory, which is a 0-minite walk from the dormitory. The whole schedule in a day such as early morning flight, ground training, English lesson for ELP and each meal is fixed, which makes students have a well-regulated life. Our security team is on duty 24-hours a day in front of the entrance gate. Our premises is completely secured. We provide the best environment where you can 100 % focus on the training, and we will guide you to get a pilot license as quickly as possible.

Complete support from immigration procedure to receipt of your pilot license

There are many required documents and procedures on the process of becoming a pilot. When a student joins from overseas, immigration procedure or admission flow in more complicated than you think. Generally you need to deal with them by yourself. AAA takes care of those troublesome procedures. We support not only visa and documentation but also pick-up upon arrival, transportation to the base airport, transportation to the test center in CAAP and anything that we can support on. AAA operate the support system and take care of all the complicated documentation that could interrupt our students. Therefore our students can simply focus on their training.