Flight Instructor Rating

Flight Instructor Rating

Flight Instructor Rating certifies you to work as a flight instructor. Becoming FI is one of the common paths to develop flight hours and experience which is the most important for pilot career. Teaching your students will greatly help you to polish your knowledge as well.

**Minimum Course Duration:2 months**

Requirement For Enrollment

・ Minimum age: 18 years old

・ Holding CAAP CPL
* In case you have foreign CPL, you can first convert your license to CAAP CPL and proceed to FI course. Kindly make an inquiry for more details.

Required Documents

・ Application Form
・ Passport copy
・ PPL or CPL copy
・ NTC copy
・ Medical Class 1 or 2 copy
・ Logbook copy
・ ELP copy

Training Fleet and Training Environment

All Asia Aviation Academy has the highest number of aircrafts dedicated for training in the Philippines with a 1:1 ratio for qualified flight instructors. It is in this capacity that the flight training programs can be completed within a short duration, without having to sacrifice quality and safety.

Our training airport located in Iba, Zamabales is also operated in an almost exclusive basis under All Asia Aviation Academy – thus, there is no heavy air traffic and there is advantageous access to other cross-country sites within northern Philippines.

Aviation English Language Proficiency Course (ELP)

You have to pass English Language Proficiency Exam to get your pilot license.

We have carefully developed original elp lessons and materials for our non-native english speakers to assist our students to confidently pass elp exam by caap.

We also provide our students with self-study room, available anytime.

This exclusive ELP English Course is available only for AAA students.