How to enroll

➀Filling in online application form on this website

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❷Attend PPL GS Online Lecture (approximately 2 months) / Enrollment / Visa Application.

Details will be announced by the staff.

➂Entry to the Philippines

Class 2 Medical/SPL/NBI/SSP

❹Travel to Iba Airport Campus/Briefing and Orientation

Back to Manila NTC Exam /ELP Exam and Simulator experience ( 5hrs.)

➄Actual flight training (2 months) in IBA

Written Exam and Checkride

For the people dreaming to be a pilot…

AAA is here for you. If your dream is to become a pilot, all you need to do is take that first step forward. All we ask for is a little of your time. At AAA, our promise is to provide you with the knowledge and experience that will let you spread your wings and FLY HIGH!
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