Corporate Information

Corporate Organization

All Asia Aviation Academy is a subsidiary of Chuoh Publishing Holdings that has been a leader in education business in Japan. The number of its affiliated companies reaches up to 64, and its revenue is US$600 Million. We develop our businesses globally under the motto of 'Chuoh Publishing Holdings'.

KTC-School Ltd. 36 School in Japan, 1 School Overseas.
iTTTi JAPAN Management of English School for kids, Number of Class : more than 1,300.
iTTTi VANCOUVER Language School in Vancouver.
Wish International (Domestic Base) Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka.
Wish International (Support Office) London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Rome, Marta, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Cairns, Oakland, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Prince Edward Island, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and so on.
Japan Tokyo International School Language School in Tokyo.
Ocean-road Cooperative Society Development of Foreign Human Resource.