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7 to 9 February, 2014

The parents of our students are often worried about their children since they stay far away from each other for approximately a year. Since we like to have parents more satisfied with the school, we regularly have school tour that any family members can join. They can see all the facilities, get on our airplane, try the flight simulator and feel what kind of life the students are actually having here at AAA.

The participants of this school tour gave us feedback as below.

“It was my first time to get on private aircraft. I was so impressed.”

‘’I am more satisfied now since I now know who are actually teaching my son.”

“I am glad to find out the aircrafts are properly maintained.”

“The security is on duty all the time. The facility is definitely secured.”

“Because AAA is managed by Japanese, I liked AAA. I joined this event to see Japanese management. I am now more certain that I chose the right school.”

AAA is part of corporate group based in Japan with a number of subsidiaries. Since it’s inauguration in 1972, this corporate group has been a leader in international education for over 40 years and has education know-how. Therefore, AAA is considerate not only to our students but also to their families.