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Samurai Japan came to school!

All of the AAA staffs were waiting for the new Japanese student, Mr. Kazuya Katayama.

All of us could not wait in Manila office.

All of us even our chairman, Mr. Maeda, was filled with expectations for the young pilot cadet from Japan; Mr. Maeda came to our office to greet him and hoped that Mr. Katayama will be an excellent pilot in his future.

He is Samurai.

He came here, Philippines, to make his dream come true competing the pilot shortage.

Why did he choose Philippines?

Why did he choose All Asia Aviation Academy?

The answer is simple.


Mr. Katayama visited many pilot schools in many countries and compared.

Then I enrolled in the best school, AAA.

The most important factor is the lower living cost.

His brother is a student in a pilot school in Australia, but its living cost is from PHP50,000 to PHP75,000 due to the higher prices.

The difference of annual living cost between Philippines and other countries is huge.

We hope that we have a lot of pilot cadet same as Mr. Katayama.